Product Description

Course Outline:

Explore why people choose to buy what they buy

Discover how to raise visibility and succeed at marketing

Be tutored by marketing and psychology professionals

Due to the sheer mass of information that we are bombarded with on a daily basis, we tend to filter out the information that is not immediately important, and instead concentrate on that which is. This is known as attention.

By doing this, the information is given access to our short-term memory, and ultimately our long-term memory.

At the same time other sensory inputs are blocked so that we don’t become overwhelmed or confused.

When we go shopping we use the same process of attention, for example if we are buying groceries and we know exactly what we are going to buy.

The Course covers the below topics

People as Consumers

Market Segmentation

Internal Influences Perception & Personality

Internal Influences -Motivation and Awareness

Social Influences


Communication and Persuasion

Deciding to Buy

Course Outcome:

  • Identify different categories of shoppers.
  • Describe the key concepts of Market Segmentation
  • Determine the role of perception and personality in the marketing process
  • Determine the factors that motivate a consumer toward a purchase
  • Define how social factors influence a consumer’s behaviour
  • Discuss consumerism in the context of marketing.
  • Determine the factors that influence consumer attitude and marketing communication and persuasion.
  • Apply the concept of multi element buying decisions.

Career Options:

Successful completion of the course will complement the below careers 

  • Marketing Manager
  • Social Media Marketer
  • Online Marketign Manager
  • Blog Writer
  • Creative writer
  • Advertising/Promotions Consultant
  • Sales Manager/Consultant

Course Duration:

100 hours of Study


The difference between a good course and a bad course lies in the way you are assessed. Our assessments are designed is such a way that the student feels confident to move forward in the course as they complete each assessment. The feedback from the tutor not only reaffirms the student’s learning process but also gives an opportunity to the student to interact with the tutor regularly. Students are never penalised when their assignment work needs to be improved, rather they are given constructive feedback and requested to resubmit the section where they need improvement. Students do their assignment work at their own pace within the course duration and are not restricted by any deadlines which is the beauty of self-paced learning. The assessments will make the certificate achieved more credible and valuable to the student.

This course has approximately 8-10 assignments and 1 exam to complete the course successfully. You can opt out of the exam and receive a Certificate of Participation.

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