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Health Academy Australia is an award winning organisation offering Courses in Nutrition, Natural Health, Psychology, Biological sciences and Counselling for the past 12 years. Health Courses Australia offers courses in Aged Care, Health care, Dental Assisting and Diploma of Counselling. We are recognised by IICT and have articulations with various recognised organisations. The courses are in an easy follow format and are done completely online via distance so you can study while you work or from home. We pride in our excellent tutor support as well as student support. Many of our graduates are successfully working in the industry or have set up their own business. If you are looking for a Career Change, Career enhancement, Professional Development courses or to Upskill you have come to the right place. Many of our courses have pathways into degree programs.

I am really enjoying this course and have learnt so much in the last year.

My tutor Sarah is amazing. She is very supportive and encouraging especially when I doubted my own abilities. If I was every concerned, she was always able to alleviate my doubts and encouraged me to keep moving forward and as a result I am getting through the units without any major concerns. I know I can reach out to Sarah if ever I need to so feel very supported. My expectations have been met and exactly what I expected from on-line learning.

Student services respond very quickly, and I am satisfied with their services.

Grace, Diploma of Counselling

Mary Bennett was a wonderful support to me the whole time. Her feedback and notes of encouragement kept me going and wanting more! It was a pleasure having her as a tutor.I didn’t know what to expect and I surprised myself at how much I have gained over the last 12months. I now feel more confident to be able to give personal assistance and provide valuable information and help to people wanting and needing to change their lifestyle and eating habits.

Patricia, Certificate in Human Nutrition

I learned new techniques to incorporate in order to help people work through their own issues, as opposed to offering advice or solutions which doesn’t encourage their own growth. I found it was structured quite well. I liked the fact that there was also information on ending the counselling, I felt this is important to prepare students for being a practitioner and working in a clinic setting.

Jade, Counselling Skills I

This course has been a valuable experience. It has enable me to develop and understand of biochemistry and how it applies to the human body. The depth of knowledge has been what I’ve been looking for, for a better understanding of how nutrition works and how to spot the differences in other people’s beliefs. The course was set out in a very manageable sequence of learning and achievable assignments. The Tutors were helpful and prompt with answering queries and marking assignments.

Stephen, Foundation Diploma in Natural Health

I Highly recommend Health Academy Australia, the tutors support and feedback is above and beyond and keeps you motivated as you move through the assignments. I was able to comfortably complete the Advanced Certificate in Nutritional Counselling in just over 12 months, as a mum to two young boys and with a part time job! I will be back to complete a few more of the courses in the nutritional field in the future but walk away feeling confident with my current qualification

Melissa, Advanced Certificate in Nutritional Counselling

It is the first time; I do an online course and I find this one very professional with easy access to help and information. I can’t fault anyone, everyone shows compassion and always ready to help, they have all been great, especially as this is new to me and I have had to ask a LOT of questions, 10/10 for everybody’s patience and encouragement. always quick response nothing is ever a problem, always contactable and very valid and helpful information given. it goes well with the questions that is asked in the knowledge questions section. I like that there is questions that involves own research, as it leads to other information that wouldn’t be in the material but will be helpful to know.

Anette, Diploma of Counselling

I have been able to implement a number of the things I have learnt directly into my current role as a teacher. The content also raised my awareness to how I act and communicate with my students. It was very informative and had a lot of practical aspects that could be implemented immediately in my work place. My work was marked very quickly which allowed me to move onto the next assignments and not having to wait. I enjoyed doing the course as I wasn’t sure if it was what I wanted to do, so it was good to be able to do the Certificate to see if I liked it before spending a lot of money and time doing the Diploma.

Tammie, Certificate in Counselling

I just completed my Certificate in Psychology and Counselling and cannot recommend this Institute enough. My tutor was always there to assist and provided great feedback through out. Nicole in admin was very helpful and always responds promptly to enquiries. Though i work it was so easy for me to complete my course online at my own pace. I loved the content of the course and would study with them again anytime

Ali, Certificate in Psychology and Counselling

It was an absolutely great learning experience. I refreshed a lot of the knowledge and got to discover new things also. The subjects were explained in an understandable manner and easy to work through. I was looking for a course with a friendly price and trustworthy information, and Health Academy met my expectations in all aspects. My tutor was very quick when marking my work (which made .e really happy) and I got important feedback from her also. Amazing service. I even asked for an extension and the were amazing when handling the situation. Quick response and super friendly.

Maria, Certificate in Human Nutrition

Naturopath health coach study is OVER! 2 years of juggling 2 businesses and studying was a mission and stressful- but rewarding! So glad to move onto the next adventure and decide whats next. The vision is buying a farm and turning it into a health retreat and natural health brand/beauty products. But the herbal knowledge I’ve gained is incredible! For self, family and friends benefit

Kat, Advanced Certificate in Naturopathy

I found the course content very relevant and exactly what I was hoping to learn.  The lessons covered kept me very interested. Yes I found the structure was perfect for me, easy to access and very clear with regards to what was expected of the student etc.  the layout of the modules and each lesson was very professionally done. If I was a little unclear about something, regarding and assignment for example, this was quickly explained to me so I found I didn’t have any real issues or worries. Melinda Kearsley is a fantastic tutor ! I am always amazed at how they work in their profession and always have time to give us feedback at any time.  When assignments were marked and sent back, there was always invaluable feedback with questions, so positive and encouraging to the student.

The admin staff are very professional, efficient and lovely to deal with. Very happy with everything, I had a wonderful experience studying with Health Academy Australia.

Leanne, Advanced Certificate in Naturopathy

The Course was very well presented and a great learning experience. Melinda Kearsley was excellent and her feed-back insightful. I received good service from admin who were always helpful and forwarded any necessary material through.

Rose, Certified weight Loss Consultant

This was a very interesting course for me. I am not a science person, but what I found most valuable about this course from the notes and the videos, is that I gained a lot of information about topics that I never knew about and the fact that they are helpful to not only in work place but in daily life which I can carry with me for the rest of my life. I was not sure of what to expect at first because I had never taken an online class before. But I am very pleased with the course format and the content was straight forward and presentation made it easier to understand the expectations of the assignments. I truly appreciate from both my tutors (Ms Tracy & Ms Nicole) feedbacks whenever they marked my assignments. The experience of this class has being nothing but positive!  I think the simplicity of this course and the way you designed it really work well to help me process the information and maintain it. Also to all the staffs at Health Academy for being super helpful and make my learning journey experience a wonderful one.

Zariffah, Medical Receptionist Certificate




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Biology Courses Fitness Courses Allied Health Courses
Biochemistry Advanced Aerobics HLTDEN003 Assist with Administration in Dental Practice
Biochemistry II Aqua Fitness HLTDEN002Assist with Dental Radiography
Biochemistry III Personal Fitness Course CHCDIV001 Work with Diverse People
Cell Biology Course Nutrition Ebooks HLTDEN001 Prepare for and Assist with Oral Health Care Procedures
Certificate in Biochemistry Aerobic Fitness 2nd Edition HLTINF001 Comply with infection prevention and control policies and procedures
Certificate In Human Biology Aqua Fitness 2nd Edition HLTINF002 Process reusable medical devices and equipment
Human Biology 1 – Anatomy and Physiology Human Nutrition HLTWHS001 Participate in workplace Health and Safety
Psychology EBooks Nutritional Therapy HLTDEN004 Implment an individualised oral hygiene program
Counselling Handbook HLTDEN010 Implment an oral hygiene program for older people
How Children Think HLTAAP001 Recognise Healthy Body Systems
Psychological Profiling HLTWHS002 Follow safe work practices for direct care work
Psychology Dictionary CHCAGE001 Facilitate the empowerment of older people
The Environment of Play CHCAGE005 Provide support to people living with Dementia
CHCCCS011 Meet Personal Care Needs
CHCAGE002 Implement falls prevention strategies
HLTHPS006 Assist clients with medication
CHCADV001 Facilitate the interests and rights of clients
CHCAGE003 Coordinate services for older people
CHCAGE004 Implement interventions with older people at risk
CHCCCS006 Facilitate individual service planning and delivery
CHCPAL001 Deliver care services using a palliative approach
HLTHPS007 Adminster and monitor medications
CHCCOM005 Communicate and work in Health or Community services
CHCCCS015 Provide individalised support
CHCCS023 Support independence and wellbeing
Medical Receptionist Certification
Medical Terminology Course
Office Skills
Counselling Courses Psychology Courses
CHCLEG001 Work Legally and Ethically Abnormal Psychology
Diploma In Counselling CHC51015 Adolescent Psychology
CHCCCS017 Provide loss and grief support Advanced Certificate in Counselling
CHCCCS025 Support relationships with carers and families Aged Care Counselling
CHCLEG003 Manage Legal and Ethical Compliance Anger Management Course
CHCPRP001 Develop and maintain networks and collaborative partnerships Mental Health Assessments in Children
CHCCS019 Recognise and respond to crisis situations Biopsychology Course
CHCCSL001 Establish and confirm the counselling relationship Biopsychology II
CHCCSL002 Apply specialist interpersonal and counselling interview Careers Counselling
CHCCSL003 Facilitate the counselling relationship and process Certificate in Counselling
CHCCSL004 Research and apply personality and development theories Certificate in Psychology
CHCCSL005 Research and apply learning theories in counselling Certificate in Youth Counselling
CHCCSL006 Select and use counselling therapies Child Psychology
CHCCSL007 Support counselling clients in decision making processes Conflict Management Course
CHCCSM005 Develop, facilitate and review all aspects of case management Counselling Skills I
CHCDIV002 Promote Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander cultural safety Counselling Skills II
CHCLEG001 Work Legally and Ethically Counselling Techniques
CHCPRP003 Reflect on and improve own professional practice Criminal Psychology Course
CHCCCS003 Increase the safety of individuals at risk of suicide Crisis Counselling
CHCDIV003 Promote and manage diversity Developmental Psychology
CHCPRT001 Identify and respond to children and young people at risk Educational Psychology
Grief Counselling
Life Coaching
Marketing Psychology
Professional Practice in Counselling
Psychological Assessment
Psychology & Counselling
Psychopharmacology (Drugs and Psychology)
Relationship Communications
Social Psychology
Sports Psychology Course
Stress Management
Certificate in Psychology and Counselling
Certificate in Mental Health
Anger Management Course
Introduction to Psychology
Mental Health and Psychology Assessment
Mental Health Assessment in Adults

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